Massacre at a fae nightclub, and all evidence points to human attackers.

I thought the monsters were bad. I can handle zombies. They’re easy to kill. Werewolves require silver to put down, but they can be stopped. Vampires are tough, but at least you know what they want.

But these are the fae. They live according to their own laws, and you never know which way they are going to go. I have seen them smile and compliment a person to the face while plotting to rip their throat out the next. 

Consider yourself warned.

– Journal of an unidentified Field Agent

The Seelie queen has issued an ultimatum: Bring the attackers to justice or wage war with all fae. 

Knightmare is a top secret government action team that finds, and eliminates, monsters that threaten humanity. It has been months since the team’s first mission. This time, there is a fae war brewing, and humanity is stuck in the middle. 

Can Knightmare discover who perpetrated the massacre? 

And can they find out in time to avert a war with the fae?

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For this novel, I ran a crowdfunding campaign to pay for some of the (rather minor) expenses incurred in self-publishing. I ran the campaign on Kickstarter (, and can’t say enough good things about their service. 

I had a group of incredible backers in the campaign. Their support made the campaign successful, and I cannot thank them enough!

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