Vampires, Fairies, and Dragons. Oh My!

Occasionally, the edges of our reality blur and grow thin. Section 28 is a secret division of Homeland Security that is specially recruited and trained to deal with the beings that come through the weak spots.

In book one, INCURSION: Knightmare, the newest team of Section 28 is recruited and sent on a simple training mission to kill a couple brand new vampires in rural Colorado. Somebody should have told the vampires it was supposed to be easy.

In book two, INCURSION: Faeblade, the now-veteran team is sent to investigate a massacre at a fae nightclub in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The mission is a race against time to find the culprits before war erupts between the fae courts and humanity.

In book three, INCURSION: Dragonfire, Section 28 has been attacked by external enemies. As they recover from the devastation, Knightmare takes the fight to their enemy. Unfortunately, Section 28 is also forced to defend themselves from forces inside their own government.

The Knight’s Bane Trilogy-Omnibus Edition gathers all of the novels into one collection with an 800-page book that will look great on your shelf.