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The Office of Transhuman Affairs is currently recruiting for new Special Agents. You have been approached because you have been exposed to the Hidden Worlds through a reality incursion into our plane of existence. Benefits of becoming a Special Agent include:

  • Exclusive access to fiction from Bryan Donihue before it's made public.
  • Become part of the Hidden Worlds
    • Your name will be used as a character in a future story or book
    • Your character may be a minor character, or they may become a major recurring character in the Hidden World
  • Get exclusive artwork when you find Bryan at a comic con or other event
  • Get an exclusive Section 28 ID Card
  • Monthly exclusive email newsletter written¬†specifically for Special Agents

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Independent authors, like Bryan, do not have the support of large traditional publishing houses. Although the concept has been around since ancient times, patronage was most popular in medieval times and Renaissance Europe. In those times, patronage was a popular way to support artists, authors, and others. That concept has seen a resurgence today for independent creators.

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