The Special Agent Files is fiction and information that is only available to Special Agents. Most often, this will be a serial fiction series that you, the Special Agents, will get to see develop (and maybe even influence) the stories as they develop. At the end of each serial series, I will be gathering them together and making the completed book available for sale to the general public. And then I get to start telling another serial. If I'm REALLY lucky, we may have the occasional guest author make an appearance here, as well.

A Note About the Serials: They will be coming approximately a week apart. That is NOT a long enough time to edit and perfect the story. That means that you may find typos or grammar mistakes. Just let me know, and I'll correct them. My readers and editors will help me make sure all the little mistakes are taken care of before they go out to the public, but I won't have time to get them edited before they come up here.

With that said - thank you for being Special Agents. Enjoy!


InConjunction, here we come!

Up next for Section 28 is InConjunction, in Indianapolis, In, July 6-8. We look forward to reconnecting with friends and meeting new ones. This year, I’ll be on two panels, one of them on Friday night at 5:30, and one on Saturday night at 6:30. More information can be found at

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The Awareness

New Agent Briefing: Office of Transhuman Affairs Deputy Director Tressa Mulder “The events that triggered what we now refer to as ‘The Awareness’ happened during incident 202003-475AZ, known around here as ‘The Battle of Sanctuary.’ Due to the public nature of the events, video and still images of the events were posted to the internet faster than even our own unbeatable team of Spooky and Spooks could shut them down or discredit them.” At this […]

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