Tales of the Hidden Worlds

Stories from the World of Incursion. Meet new faces, and be reacquainted with some familiar characters.

  • Tales of the Hidden Worlds


    The big hunter let out a grunt of pain. The zombie had grabbed his calf with its supernaturally strong fingers–the same leg he had twisted chasing the voodoo priestess across the cemetery earlier that day. He drew his suppressed 9mm…

  • Tales of the Hidden Worlds

    Birth of a Hunter

    It had been a long day. Up at five o’clock in the morning to get ready and make the two-and-a-half hour drive to be at the range in Brighton, Michigan by 9am. The match started an hour later and lasted…

  • Tales of the Hidden Worlds

    Cleanup in Aisle 28

    “Did that gnome just move?” The young woman pointed at a shelf about halfway down the aisle. Her co-worker wiped her long dark hair out of her eyes and looked at the woman. “Seriously, Kel. What did you drop in…

  • Tales of the Hidden Worlds

    Shadow on the Wall

    Davey was terrified. He had been hearing noises from his closet every night for the last two weeks. They weren’t good noises either. There was usually a scratching sound at the bottom edge of the doorway. At other times, the…

  • Tales of the Hidden Worlds

    A Touch of Fur

    The young girl tossed and turned in bed. Sweat soaked her pillow and nightclothes as she tangled herself in her sheet. Her eyelids fluttered in her sleep and she moaned, telling of the turmoil that haunted her slumber. In her…