Games by Section 28 Publishing

Put yourself in the World of Incursion

The World of Incursion is a dark existence of which most of the world’s inhabitants are gladly ignorant. For those who become aware of the Hidden Worlds, the denizens of the darkness become predator or savior, partner or prosecutor.

The games of Section 28 Publishing allow you, the player, to delve into the darkness. You can become a hunter of the darkness, or you can become a human pawn to the darkness, harnessing the power of your faith to bring darkness to those around you. 

Hidden Worlds: Incursion

Hidden Worlds: Incursion is an RPG set in the urban fantasy World of Incursion. Using a single d20, challenges are skill-based and advancement is story-based. What the character does during the game session is how they advance. Combat is quick and brutal for characters, and quick for players. An open magic system that we call “Faith” allows for anyone who has Faith Abilities to customize their character as they want.

The Knight’s Bane Trilogy is based, in part, on an RPG campaign that Bryan ran for his gaming group. Hidden Worlds: Incursion is the RPG that this campaign was based upon. Completely open-ended mechanics using a single d20, unique, in-depth character creation, and a new, open-ended magic system are the highlights of this dark urban fantasy RPG.

Hunt Monsters. Save Humanity. Survive?

Hidden Worlds: Fringe

Hidden Worlds: Fringe is the science fiction setting for the ODG system originally introduced in Hidden Worlds: Incursion. Same fast and deadly combat. Same story-intensive game-play. Same completely customizable characters. An expansive universe. All without fae interference.

Coming mid 2021.

In the depths of space, emptiness stares back.