Hidden Worlds: Incursion

You have noticed them. And they have noticed you.

There is an entire world hidden from the consciousness of humanity. The myths and legends that haunt our histories and traditions are real. In Hidden Worlds: Incursion, each character has experienced an incursion event in their life. This has opened their eyes to the hidden worlds, and they will have to determine how they respond.

From unique character creation to immersive storytelling, this game encourages the player to delve deep into their character's history as it shapes their character's life in this new hidden world before them. The players will explore the dark, hidden world of mythological monsters, dark cults, and other paranormal creatures.

The combat system is quick and deadly, where the players use only a single d20. The gamemaster has fluid control over encounters and challenges, and the target numbers are quickly, and easily generated during the story. With no character classes and no levels, the players have control over their characters, and there are virtually no limits for the players, or characters.

No Classes. No Levels. No Limits. Explore the Hidden Worlds.

Get your copy of Hidden Worlds: Incursion from your local game store. If they don't carry Hidden Worlds: Incursion, have them contact Bryan.

Character Creation in Hidden Worlds is an in-depth journey into the history and background of your character. The unique Career Path system allows you to define the history of your character, including education, work, current or prior significant other/marriage, current or prior children, relative wealth, and current or prior medical conditions, including wounds and scars. Combining the Career Path and the Hobby Path provide the skills available to the character at the start of the game.

This Unique system allows the creation of ANY character that the player wants. Anyone from a young street urchin to an older career scientist can be played, and can even play in the same party. At the end of Character Creation, you will understand your character, their motivation, and their history.

Yes, you read that right. This game requires a single d20 to play the game. The mechanics of the game offer a vast range of outcomes by using only a d20. Combat, skill resolution, and even NPC generation all only use d20's. The game master might have to roll a couple d20's together occasionally, but players will only need a single d20. And yes, this includes damage from weapons, as well.

Speaking of the game mechanics

Hidden Worlds is designed to be relatively mechanics-lite. In fact, the basic idea is simple - D20 + Skill vs. D20 + Skill, or vs. Static Check Target. While there are often modifiers added to (or subtracted from) the roll, the core mechanics stay the same throughtout the game. As befits a game with simple mechanics, there are only a couple simple charts for reference while attempting to accomplish a task.

No levels. No Limits. Character power and advancement are based on individual skills, not levels. Characters are not limited to any particular skillset. Instead, characters can advance any skill for which they have the Story Point Awards in their pool. Skills are grouped into two broad categories, Core Skills and Specializations. There are a specific number of Core Skills, and they apply in the broadest sense. There is a much larger pool of Specializations, and they cover what the Core Skills don't. To make sure that the advancement is completely open-ended, there is no skill level cap.


There are two ways to advance in the game, by earning Story Play Awards and through Training. Story Play Awards are issued at the end of each session and may offer new skills, added skill points, or even special knowledge or equipment. The characters can also use travel time, or in-game downtime, to advance certain specific Specializations. Sound confusing? Don't worry. you'll get the hang of it.

In a world full of monsters and fae and myths become reality, there had to be a mechanism like magic. Hidden Worlds offers a Faith system that is a basic magic system, based on the character's belief system. What they believe and how much faith they have help determine the power and scope of their abilities.

About those abilities: The system is a COMPLETELY wide open faith ability system that allows the character to choose any ability that they want to create. The rules allow for a completely unique faith/magic user that is tailored to the character. There is no limit on what the character can do with their faith.

To make the system easier to run for the GM, there is a quick, easy NPC-generation tool. A few numbers, and a couple rolls of the d20, and ALL of the NPC stats can be generated. It is easy to tailor the NPC power and challenge to ANY party, even without the PC's having levels. Even a surprise encounter is easy to generate and run for the players. This game is designed to be as GM friendly as possible, and the NPC generation rules simply enhance that experience.

Every character generates a unique incursion event in their character's background. From traditional monster encounters like werewolves or vampires, to alien abductions, or even cult kidnappings, each character has their eyes opened to the Hidden Worlds, and a reason to fight the nightmares.

Open Settings

With the sheer variety of options available, Hidden Worlds is a dream to GM. Any horror, suspense, or even alien story is supported for the GM to tell. With natural leanings toward horror and suspense, it is well within the bounds to tell a Lovecraftian tale. Any story the GM creates can help them keep their players on the move and taking care of monsters.