Character Tome & Campaign Journal




Have you ever spent an entire campaign writing down everything your character and party does? Are you the party’s record keeper? If so, this Tome is for you.

The Character Tome & Campaign Journal allows you to track the exploits of your character, from the start of the campaign all the way through the final battles. The Character Tome combines an expanded character sheet with tools designed to track your party’s info, as well as all the information about your campaign. This includes NPCs, Locations, and story.

Keep track of your character in a book that allows you to recount the tales of their glory (and infamy). Enjoy the Character Tome & Campaign Journal.

Included in the book:

  • Expanded Character Sheet
  • Party Information, including Party Loot and Locations
  • NPC and Relationship tracking, including friends, contacts, and enemies
  • Campaign Journal, including pages of NPC and location tracking
  • Expanded Character Background tracking

Additional information

Weight 16 oz
Dimensions N/A
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Signed Softcover, PDF Book