Ghost Hunting (Incursion Legends 2)


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Book Two of Incursion Legends

There’s a supernatural cannibal in northeastern Maine, and Ghost is on the hunt.

As the new team leader of Knightmare, Jonas Vanhof is taking a well-deserved break when he comes across his long-gone family’s journals. Reading the journal, Vanhof finds a clue to the creature that killed his grandmother. With help from Spooky in Operations, Vanhof finds out that the creature that killed his grandmother has started killing again, and he decides that this supernatural predator should be his next prey.

Ghost Hunting is the second story in the Incursion Legends series. Set in the world first introduced in INCURSION: Knightmare, explore the dark underworld of monsters hidden just below the surface of our reality. Welcome to the Hidden Worlds.

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