Hidden Worlds: Incursion GM Screen




This is the GM Screen for Hidden Worlds: Incursion

This GM Screen is designed to ease the GM’s job of running an HW:I game. We partnered with Hammerdog Games to use The World’s Greatest Screen™ for our GM Screen. Once character creation is complete, the four interior panels provide all the information necessary to run a full HW:I game without needing to use the book. three of the four exterior panels are beautiful artwork in a panoramic view. the fourth exterior panel

Hidden Worlds: Incursion is a table-top roleplaying game in set in the dark urban fantasy World of Incursion. Using a single d20, a combat system that is fast and deadly, and an open faith/magic system where anything is possible, create a character in a near-future urban fantasy environment and hunt the monsters that hunt humanity.

The ODG system is designed with a rich character creation system a dark urban fantasy setting, and a mechanics-lite system with an emphasis on storytelling and only using mechanics when absolutely necessary.

There are three options for this screen:

  • Physical GM Screen – including The World’s Greatest Screen™
  • Printed Screen Panels – if you already have TWGS from Hammerdog Games
  • PDF Screen Panels – downloadable for your use

No Classes. No Levels. No Limits.

Welcome to the World of Incursion.

Additional information

Weight 32 oz
Dimensions 12 × 9 × 1 in
GM Screen

Physical Screen, Printed Panels, PDF Panels