Launch Party Refined



The Unseelie King has missiles targeted at Office of Transhuman Affairs sites across the country, and the remote missiles are controlled from a bunker hidden inside a mountain. The characters are fresh recruits from the Academy, without any training, and without any semblance of being a team. Can the misfit characters band together and storm a protected complex inside a fae-controlled mountain in time to stop the launch?

Launch Party Refined is a single-session adventure designed for 3-7 beginning characters in Hidden Worlds Refined Core.
Included in this book:
  – Printed book has micro-perforated pages for easy removal.
  – Full area and room descriptions.
  – Complete maps of the complex.
  – Seven pre-generated character sheets.
  – Individual map pages that can be cut out to fit into one large map.

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Signed Softcover, PDF File