Operations Support Specialist (Membership)

$25.00 / month



As an Operations Support Specialist, you provide an important level of support to Bryan Donihue and Section 28 Publishing. As an Operations Support Specialist, you will receive all of the benefits of the Interdiction Support Specialist level:

  • Become part of the Hidden Worlds
    • Your name will be used as a character in a future story or book
    • Your character may be a minor character, or they may become a major recurring character in the Hidden World
  • Get exclusive artwork when you find Bryan at a comic con or other event
  • Exclusive access to fiction from Bryan Donihue before it’s made public.
  • Get an exclusive Section 28 ID Card the next time you see Bryan at a con.
  • Monthly exclusive email newsletter written specifically for Special Agents
  • EXCLUSIVE products available on the Section 28 Official Store.
  • OTA Exclusive Short Fiction and Artwork.
  • Advanced news about the World of Incursion (OTA Operations).

Plus the following:

  • 10% (Instead of 5%) discount in the Section 28 Publishing online store.
  • Download Access for NEW Fiction (widely-published novellas and books) from Bryan Donihue/Section 28 Publishing.
  • Only $25 / Month

Why become a member? Support Bryan Donihue a an author and creator. See more about that here: https://www.incursionlegends.com/specialagents/

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Membership Time

Monthly, 6 Months