Six Feet Under (Incursion Legends 1)


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Incursion Legends Book One

“Darkness. I love the darkness. It hides all kinds of sins.”

What would you do if you woke up as a living monster? Burt Holstein, the leader of a top-secret government team that fights monsters, sacrificed himself to save his teammates. And then he came back.

Journey with the man called “Six” as he tries to determine how to reconcile his job as a monster hunter to the monster within himself. Can a new identity and a new city hide his nature from his former team?

Six Feet Under is the first novel in the Incursion Legends series. Set in the world first introduced in INCURSION: Knightmare, explore the dark, paranormal underworld of supernatural monsters hidden just below the surface of our reality. Welcome to the Hidden Worlds.

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