Toy Battle Refined



The Toy Outpost is a tiny toy store in a small town in rural Oklahoma. It is late at night/early morning on Christmas Day. Christmas is over and the remaining toys are left over from the sale. The players are playing cheap overseas knock-off toys. None of them are brand name toys. A rogue elf has stolen a magical candy cane from his boss, Santa, and has come to this tiny store to cause havoc.

The elf has told the toys that they are in a contest to determine who will be the best selling toy of the season. The toys are not aware that they are cheap versions of brand names, and the elf will not tell them. The toys do not know that this is a completely useless battle royale, that Santa would never condone such a battle, and that that it is actually Christmas morning. They also do not know that battles like this are solely for the twisted amusement of the elf.

NOTE: This can also be run as any Christmas-related adventure. Christmas in July? Sure. Christmas elf shows up just because he’s sadistic? Absolutely! Have fun with it.

Toy Battle Refined is a single-session adventure balanced for 4-10 players, with the optimum number of players being 5-7.
Included in this book:
  – All the pages in the printed book are micro-perforated for easy removal.
  – Full area and room descriptions.
  – Complete maps of the toy store.
  – Ten pre-gen custom character sheets.
  – Individual map pages that can be cut out to fit into one large map.

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