There are places...

There are places where the edges of reality get thin. Beings from other planes are drawn to our plane, and they are the mythological creatures from our past. Then there are the others. Our subconscious fears draw other creatures to those thinning spots, dark things that want to feed. On us. 

There are heroes who walk our world, trying to hold back the darkness. Some work for government agencies, while others freelance with those who have likewise been awakened to the Hidden Worlds. The governments have a vested interest in keeping these reality incursions hidden from the public. People would panic. Governments would topple. Lives would be lost. 

Now that you have been awakened, how will you fight the creatures in the World of Incursion?

Fiction of the Hidden Worlds...

Bryan Donihue has written several books, novellas, and short stories in the World of Incursion.

The Knight's Bane Trilogy tells the story of an elite government team tasked with finding, hunting, and keeping the monsters in check.

Incursion Legends is a series of short novellas about the team members of Knightmare, the elite government team from Section 28. There are also short stories available to read here on the site.

Games of the Hidden Worlds...

The Knight's Bane Trilogy is originally based on a game campaign with Bryan's gaming group. The game mechanics started as a homebrew system and eventually developed into the Game Hidden Worlds: Incursion.  This is a game with no levels and no limits on character type and advancement. 

As a card player, Bryan is also a fan of the game Euchre. Having grown bored with the traditional version in college, he and several of his friends created a variant that uses the entire deck, plus the jokers. In honor of this, Bryan created a custom version of a standard US Poker deck themed with imagery from INCURSION: Knightmare.