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World of Incursion

There are spots in this world where the edges of reality get thin. The energy of other planes can leak through the barrier that separates our world from others.


This energy is shaped by the subconscious fears around the Incursion. Monsters take form, and humanity must fight for their own world. At other times, the Incursion is a gate cast from another plane, bringing mythological creatures through from their own reality into ours.

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The Fiction of the Hidden Worlds

Bryan Donihue is the primary author and creator of the Hidden Worlds. There are two current series involving the Hidden Worlds - The Knight's Bane Trilogy and the Incursion Legends series.


The Knight's Bane Trilogy is about a top-secret team that hunts monsters for the US Government. Incursion Legends is a series of stories and novelllas about people who are aware of the Hidden Worlds, and how they deal with the monsters.

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Hidden Worlds: Incursion

The Knight's Bane Trilogy is based, in part, on an RPG campaign that Bryan ran for his gaming group.   INCURSION: Hidden Worlds is the RPG that this campaign was based in. Completely open-ended mechanics with unique character creation and NPC generation rules are the highlights of this dark urban fantasy RPG.
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INCURSION Playing Cards

As gamers, we also love playing cards. One of our favorite games is a variant of Euchre, called Ultimate Euchre.   As card players, we also love to play with, and collect, new decks of cards. With that in mind, we offer decks of US Poker cards with custom designs based on the Knight's Bane Trilogy.
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Section 28 Consulting

Section 28 Publishing is a small press publisher created by Bryan Donihue to publish his own books. As a published independent author, graphic designer, and marketing consultant, Bryan's goal is to help other authors get their books out to the public.┬áHe offers cover design, interior layout, and marketing services for authors who need his help.   As a consultant, Bryan offers a wide array of services to assist independent authors. Bryan offers cover design, interior layout, and e-book formatting for authors who need his help. He also provides sales training and marketing services to help authors spread the word about their work.
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