Hidden Worlds: Incursion

Hidden Worlds: Incursion is an RPG set in the urban fantasy World of Incursion. Using a single d20, challenges are skill-based and advancement is story-based. What the character does during the game session is how they advance. Combat is quick and brutal for characters, and quick for players. An open magic system that we call "Faith" allows for anyone who has Faith Abilities to customize their character as they want. Completely open-ended mechanics using a single d20, unique, in-depth character creation, and a new, open-ended magic system are the highlights of this dark urban fantasy RPG.

Hunt Monsters. Save Humanity. Survive.

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INCURSION Playing Cards

As gamers, we also love playing cards. One of our favorite games is a variant of Euchre, called Ultimate Euchre.


As card players, we also love to play with, and collect, new decks of cards. With that in mind, we offer decks of US Poker cards with custom designs based on the Knight's Bane Trilogy.

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