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Put yourself in Bryan Donihue’s World of Incursion

The World of Incursion is a dark existence of which most of the world’s inhabitants are gladly ignorant. For those who become aware of the Hidden Worlds, the denizens of the darkness become predator or savior, partner or prosecutor.

The games by the One-Legged GM allow you, the player, to delve into the darkness. You can become a hunter of the darkness, or you can become a human pawn to the darkness, harnessing the power of your faith to bring darkness to those around you. 

Hidden Worlds Refined Core

Vampires. Fairies. Dragons. Welcome to the Hidden Worlds.

Hidden Worlds Refined Core is a table-top roleplaying game set in the modern urban fantasy setting of Bryan Donihue’s World of Incursion. Using a single d20 in the new HW20 system, the game places the emphasis on the story. Combat is quick and deadly for characters, and it is quick for players. HWRC also has a completely open magic system that we call faith, which allows the characters to build their faith abilities (spells) as they see fit, resulting in completely custom characters.

Hidden Worlds Refined Core is the updated (refined) version of the original game, Hidden Worlds: Incursion, and is the core manual for all future handbooks and setting books for the Hidden Worlds.

Single d20. No Classes. No Levels. No Limits.

Hidden Worlds: Incursion

Hunt Monsters. Save Humanity. Survive.

Hidden Worlds: Incursion is the original table-top roleplaying game set in Bryan Donihue’s World of Incursion. Utilizing a brand new rule set (the ODG System), the game uses a single d20 and simple mechanics to provide fast combat, an open magic system, and a wide-open modern day setting.

NOTE: Hidden Worlds: Incursion is not compatible with any of the materials designed for the Hidden Worlds Refined Core.

Hidden Worlds: Incursion