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These downloads are for the tabletop roleplaying game Hidden Worlds Refined Core, and are separated by subject.

Hidden Worlds: Incursion (OLD)

These downloads are for the roleplaying game Hidden Worlds: Incursion, and are separated into Character Sheets and GM Downloads.

Curious about the Ultimate Euchre rules and their origins?

As a long-time gamer, Bryan also loves to play card games. One of his favorites is a highly-modified version of traditional Euchre, called full-deck Ultimate Euchre. As you can guess, the game is played with a full deck of standard US poker cards, including the jokers. You can download the rules for free.

Ultimate (Full Deck) Euchre (798 downloads)

Not satisfied with normal cards for his games, Bryan decided to create a card deck themed with imagery from the first book of the Knight’s Bane Trilogy, INCURSION: Knightmare. All of the cards are themed, and the royalty and jokers are each based on the characters in the book. The deck is available from DriveThruRPG.