Welcome to Bryan Donihue’s World of Incursion

There are spots in this world where the edges of reality get thin. The energy of other planes can leak through the barrier that separates our reality from others. This energy is shaped by the subconscious fears around the Incursion. Monsters take form, and humanity must fight for their own world. At other times, the Incursion is a gate cast from another plane, bringing mythological creatures through from their own reality into ours.

The myths and legends of our history are filled with stories of creatures and strange beings that delight or terrify humanity. These creatures are real, and still sometimes plague humanity. There are secret government agencies and private organizations that work to protect humanity.

This is the World of Incursion.

These are the Hidden Worlds.

The World of Incursion was originally created by Bryan Donihue and published by Section 28 Publishing. It grows as the fans and gamers explore it further.

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