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There are spots in this world where the edges of reality get thin. The energy of other planes can leak through the barrier that separates our reality from others. This energy is shaped by the subconscious fears around the Incursion. Monsters take form, and humanity must fight for their own world. At other times, the Incursion is a gate cast from another plane, bringing mythological creatures through from their own reality into ours.

The myths and legends of our history are filled with stories of creatures and strange beings that delight or terrify humanity. These creatures are real, and still sometimes plague humanity. There are secret government agencies and private organizations that work to protect humanity. This is the World of Incursion. These are the Hidden Worlds.

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Hidden Worlds: Incursion

Hidden Worlds: IncursionHidden Worlds: Incursion is an RPG set in the urban fantasy World of Incursion. Using a single d20, characters are humans in the World of Incursion who have been awakened to the Hidden Worlds, and are part of a greater effort to save humanity. Or simply survive. The game features:

  • No Classes.
  • No Levels.
  • STORY-based advancement. What the character does during the game session is how they advance.
  • Combat is quick and brutal for characters, and quick for players.
  • An open magic system that we call "Faith" allows for anyone who has Faith Abilities to customize their character as they want.

Completely open-ended mechanics using a single d20, unique, in-depth character creation, and a new, open-ended magic system are the highlights of this dark urban fantasy RPG.

Hunt Monsters. Save Humanity. Survive?

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Fiction of the World of Incursion

Bryan Donihue is the primary author and creator of the World of Incursion. Bryan's first fiction series was the Knight's Bane Trilogy, which built the setting for the World of Incursion and Hidden Worlds: Incursion. The characters from the Knight's Bane Trilogy each get their own story in the upcoming Incursion Legends series.

The Knight's Bane Trilogy is about a top-secret team that hunts monsters for the US Government. Incursion Legends is a series of stories and novelllas about people who are aware of the Hidden Worlds, and how they deal with the monsters.

Fear the Hidden Worlds.
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Section 28 Publishing and Consulting

Section 28 Publishing is a small press publisher created by Bryan Donihue to publish his own books. As a published independent author, graphic designer, and marketing consultant, Bryan's goal is to help other authors get their books out to the public.

As a consultant, Bryan offers a wide array of services to assist independent authors. Bryan offers cover design, interior layout, and e-book formatting for authors who need his help. He also provides sales training and marketing services to help authors spread the word about their work.

Section 28 Publishing Portfolio
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