Incursion Legends

Heroes of the World of Incursion

Incursion Legends is a series of short novellas of the heroes that defend humanity from the monsters in the night.

The first series tells the tale of some of the members of Team Knightmare. Each short story or novella offers a glimpse at the life and personality of a Knightmare Special Agent in the short time between INCURSION: Knightmare and INCURSION: Faeblade.

The second series will explore the other members of team Knightmare. Each short story or novella will offer a glimpse into the lives of the characters after the events of INCURSION: Dragonfire.

Below is the listing of current and anticipated titles in the first and second Incursion Legends Series.

Incursion Legends

Series One

Six Feet Under

“Darkness. I love the darkness. It hides all kinds of sins."

What would you do if you woke up as a living monster? Burt Holstein, the leader of a top-secret government team that fights monsters, sacrificed himself to save his teammates. And then he came back.

Journey with the man called “Six” as he tries to determine how to reconcile his job as a monster hunter to the monster within himself. Can a new identity and a new city hide his nature from his former team?

Six Feet Under is the first novel in the Incursion Legends series. Set in the world first introduced in INCURSION: Knightmare, explore the dark, paranormal underworld of supernatural monsters hidden just below the surface of our reality. Welcome to the Hidden Worlds.

Six Feet Under is available in e-book format from and Apple iBooks, and other outlets.

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There’s a supernatural cannibal in northeastern Maine, and Ghost is on the hunt.

As the new team leader of Knightmare, Jonas Vanhof is taking a well-deserved break when he comes across his long-gone family’s journals. Reading the journal, Vanhof finds a clue to the creature that killed his grandmother. With help from Spooky in Operations, Vanhof finds out that the creature that killed his grandmother has started killing again, and he decides that this supernatural predator should be his next prey.  

Ghost Hunting is the second story in the Incursion Legends series. Set in the world first introduced in INCURSION: Knightmare, explore the dark underworld of monsters hidden just below the surface of our reality. Welcome to the Hidden Worlds.

Ghost Hunting is currently available on Amazon in electronic format. You can order from Amazon below:


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Do-Right goes home to Colorado to grieve and spend time with his parents and family. As a catharsis, Do Right and his brother go hunting in the woods around the base of the mountain.  His brother is attacked while hunting by a large bear, and Do-Right hunts down the beast. Realizing his brother may be infected by a curse beyond his control the Section 28 Special Agent has to make a choice.

Do the Right Thing is slated for a late-fall 2019 release.

Needing to recover and adjust to his new life, Scout flies home to his small home town in the southwest. After spending time with his grandfather, the Shaman, word comes that a monster has been reported on the reservation. With his grandfather at his side, Scout decides to hunt the monster down that is threatening the tribe.

Scout's Honor is slated for a fall/winter 2019 release.

Hanging out with his former HRT teammates and swapping stories is all the relaxation that Little G needs. At least until a supernatural creature crashes the party. With all hell breaking loose and backup far away, can Little G stop the monster? And are there more where it came from?

God Complex is slated for a winter 2019 release.

Incursion Legends

Series Two

Due to her actions during the events of INCURSION: Dragonfire, the Vatican recalls Doc for a formal inquiry in the Order. As evil influences the priest's trouble with the Vatican, she is called to help another priest in the south banish an even darker malevolence.

Doc is caught between her duty to the Order and her holy calling to fight evil in all its forms.

What's Up, Doc? is slated for release in the first quarter of 2020.

Spooky's paranormal investigative team is busier than ever, and it is getting harder for the tech specialist to keep his friends on the investigative team  in the dark. Torn between his loyalty to his friends and the harsh enforcement of his secret geas, Spooky is surprised when a paranormal investigation unveils a truly dangerous entity.

Can he keep his secrets and protect his friends from being devoured by an unholy terror?

Spooky Encounters is slated for a first quarter 2020 release.

After his ordeal in the book INCURSION: Dragonfire, the heavy weapons specialist is forced to wrestle with his new reality. Trying to reconcile a divided soul, Heavy decides to find a companion on a popular dating website. A night on the town with his new companion leads to an unexpected trouble--one that he is uniquely capable of handling.

Heavy Hitter is slated for a first quarter 2020 release.

Boomer is in trouble. Her monster is vying for control over her life, and Boomer cannot let that happen. The young woman struggles with control, warring with the monster inside her. Boomer finds that she is starting to enjoy the raw power she has been given, but does she control the monster, or does the monster control, her?

Can she tame her beast, or will she go too far?

Boomer's Choice is slated for a spring 2020 release.

Dancer is on a personal mission. Revenge.

A Celtic goddess attacked Section 28 and endangered the world. Amid the fallout, the youngest Special Agent of Section 28 develops a special hatred for the goddess and is seeking revenge. When a young woman with the blood of a Fury coursing through her veins pursues the Celtic goddess of war, she will move the heavens and the earth to find her prey.

Can the young agent survive the meeting? Can the Earth?

Dancing with Fate is slated for a summer 2020 release.