Helping Authors Find Their Voice

Section 28 Publishing is a small, independent press created by author Bryan Donihue to publish his dark paranormal fiction. The fiction published by Section 28 is typically urban fantasy. Currently, Section 28 only publishes works from Bryan, but we are looking forward to working with other authors. 

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Why “Section 28”?

Originally, the name “Section 28” was created by Troye Gerard, and he graciously allowed Bryan to use the name as a secret government agency in the world that Bryan was creating. The first book set in that world was INCURSION: Knightmare. In that book, “Section 28” is the name of the secret division of Homeland Security that is charged with monitoring and controlling the paranormal in the United States. Bryan chose to use the name as his publishing imprint in homage to that organization, and his first published fiction.

The Mission of Section 28 Publishing

Section 28 Publishing’s mission is to help authors figure out the labyrinth that can be independent publishing. From cover design and layout to marketing and sales, Bryan loves to help independent authors go from a manuscript to a published book that readers want to buy. For an author, nothing is better than having that first fan approach them at a venue, and Bryan wants every author to get that chance.

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Cover & Interior Design

Create Great Looking Books

Completely custom book covers and interior layout for print books and conversion to eBook for authors–priced for Indie Authors.

Custom Cover Design

Self-published authors are often forced to choose between low-priced, low-quality cover designs, or spending big dollars to get a high-quality cover design, breaking their budget. The only place in the middle is a cover design template house that offers the same series of templates to every author.

Section 28 is different. We offer completely custom cover designs priced where an independent author can afford. Bryan Donihue is a graphic designer by trade and has the skills to bring your vision to life. Our goal is to help you find your voice.

Covers Start At $129

Interior Print Layout

Being an Independent Author means that you likely do not have the page layout experience or software. As good as writing software is, it is NOT page layout software. If you want to present your print book with the highest production value, you need to use something other than the writing software for basic layout.

Unfortunately, it takes time to layout a print book from manuscript, and other publishing houses charge large fees to do so. Instead, we offer solid layout and file prep, for about the same price as a Word® template.

Print Layout Starts At $99

eBook Conversion

Most writing software will create EPUB or Kindle MOBI files that at least technically correct. Being techincally correct just enough to be published is not the same as having an amazing looking eBook that readers will notice.

As a webdesigner and graphic artist, Bryan can help you get your eBook just right. You can be proud of the way that it looks, while making sure your files are technically perfect. Section 28 has worked with multiple sources and outlets, and they are familiar with the technical requirements of each.

eBook Layout Starts At $49

Author Consulting

Get Your Manuscript Into Stores

Get advice and help that you need. Bryan has the experience and resources to help independent authors introduce their book to the world.

Publishing Consulting

You’ve got your manuscript done, how do you get it into the hands of your fans? If you are an Independent Author, there is good news. The opportunities to succeed as a self-published author are better than ever. Let Section 28 Publishing help you through the maze. Whether you want to create your own publishing imprint, or position yourself best under another imprint, Bryan can help you make those decisions

Bryan Donihue has successfully published several books under his own imprints. He knows how to work with the leaders in the industry to get your books out there.

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Choose the Right Format

Your manuscript is done, now what? Should you print it? What about eBook? if you print it, should it be softcover or hardcover? Traditional print run or print on demand (POD)? The questions and choices can be confusing, and there is all of this strange terminology.

Bryan has the experience to help you walk through all your options. He will help you determine which format, or formats, your book will work best in.

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Choose the Right Venue

Once you have chosen the format(s) for your new book, you will need to figure out how, and more importantly where, to sell them. Are you just selling online? What about special events? How do you get your books into the chain stores? What about your local bookstores and libraries? You need to fgure out how to get your amazing book into your reader’s hands, and you want to make some money doing so.

Bryan has experience with many of the different venues and can help you get into as many different sales venues as possible.

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Book Marketing & Sales

Turn Readers Into Fans

Once an author has their book ready and published, the next hurdle is figuring out how to get their work into their reader’s hands.Marketing such as bookmarks, posters, art prints, and author website design are all available.

Author/Book Marketing

Your book is available, how do you tell your fans? Consider bookmarks and posters advertising your book. Do you need announcement cards or signage for your book launch party? Are you attending a convention or other show? Consider banners, tablecovers, and other materials to bring in new fans.

Graphic designer by trade, Bryan will work with you to produce amazing marketing pieces that will attract your audience and help sell your book.

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Sales Training

As an author, you should be attending live sales events to market and sell your books. Whether you are at a book signing in a bookstore, an author’s event, or a comic con or game convention, you will need to sell your books. There are two types of authors who attend those live events, authors who passively wait for someone to look interested in their books, or authors who actively engage readers and actually sell their books.

Bryan has a business background in sales training and vendor booth design. He can help you engage with your readers, get your book into their hands, and turn casual readers into raving fans.

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Client Portfolio

Examples of book covers, marketing pieces, bookmarks, and posters. Includes work for clients and Bryan’s own projects.

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